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lever action carbine?

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whats a good lever action carbine to get?
i have always wanted one. what are my options?
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I guess it depends on what you want to do with it.. If you want to use it for deer hunting the Winchester Model 94 or the Marlin are hard to beat.. I traded off a Model 94 AE carbine a few years ago and now kick my self for it.. :tears: But I have sense got another one non carbine that I will use for deer... I also have an Ithica Saddle Gun 22 and that thing is smooth as silk.
You can't go wrong with the 336. You can get em in lots of different calibers too. You can get the 308 marlin express too. That's a neat little deer round. But the 30/30 or 35 rem are awesome. A 30/30 will put a deer to bed. Fast and the ammo is cheap (less than $15 per box of 20)

Check out marlinowners.com. Lots of great info. I have the same user name. Holler at me if ya sign up.
sounds good. very good.
My dad has a browning .308 lever action has had it since about 1995. I love this rifle it has very little recoil and we have killed many deer with it. I also have a marlin 336 love this gun also. But if price is a option go with the marlin.
lever action rifle

If you are looking for centerfire, keep the Winchester 94's as well as an 88 in mind. Don't overlook a Savage 99 (if you can find one), Ruger made a great 44 mag., Henry has a few to brag about, and Marlin has several to whet your appetite. Personally, I like a 444 Marlin or 35 Remington. The Win 88 was available in 308. I think the Savage came in 30-06 + a couple of alt. calibers.
If you want lever rimfire, whew, Winchester, Marlin, Ithica, Rossi, and a bunch more.
I think Remington even had a version of the Nylon 66 family avail in lever. perhaps a "76" or something like that. I had a Nylon 66 which was the most accurate 22 I ever owned.
good luck
thanks flyfisher. i have a 22 lever action. see my "my weapons gallery" thread... it is a winchester lever action i have had for a long time. it is the most accurate 22 i have.
Winchester 9422s are awsome. You will not find a smoother cycling l.a. anywhere. As far as centerfire, I prefer Winchesters, but you can't go wrong with Marlin either. Have owned several of each. If you're looking for a .308 you can still find a used Savage model 99 reasonably priced. Winchester model 88s are more pricey. Don't have any experience with the new Mossbergs. 94 clones I think. The new marlin 308 m.e. is a nice gun and cartridge. Have killed several deer with mine the last 2 years. Good luck.
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