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Moses built an altar and called it The LORD is my Banner.
Exodus 17:15

Winning battles typically involves superior weapons, larger forces or a better strategy. But when God is Commander in Chief, all natural rules of war are thrown out.

Consider how Moses, Joshua and the Israelites won this particular battle (see Exodus 17:8 – 16): Joshua fought, Moses prayed, Aaron and Hur assisted, and the Lord God, Yahweh Nissi, was the rallying point — the banner lifted high that carried them to victory.

As long as Moses kept his eyes focused on God and his arms lifted to him, the Israelites prevailed. But as he grew tired and his arms sagged with fatigue, the enemy advanced.

How true that is in our own lives as well. When we are focused on God as our only hope, we are able to overcome the obstacles and conflicts in life. But when we allow fatigue and weariness of spirit to distract us from spending time with God in worship and prayer, the enemy advances and overtakes us.

Let the examples of Moses and Joshua remind you where to turn daily to regain your strength.

Thank you, Lord, for your …

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