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Light scratches on stainless 1911-A1

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Hello all, I have a few light scratches on the slide of my Springfield 1911 near the slide release. Any comments on how to buff those scratches out? Appreciate any comments.....

Philly60 --- Dan
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:thumbup: Gotcha, mailing address please :lol4:
Naw, they are light scratches, loaned it to my brother on a shoot and when he tried to pull the slide release out to clean the weapon he scratched it lightly.
Gotcha, I hope one of them will work....Appreciate it Beladran
Roger that...Thanks ya. :tophat:
miker84 said:
I used some scotch brite pads on my loaded stainless to get rid of the idiot scratch.
Miker the Scotch brute pads didn't make it worse?
OK can I get those scotch brite pads from Wally word?
Preciate ya'lls help on this one :thumbup:
Well, I'm gonna give it a shot tomorrow :thumbup:
Roger will try to get some before and after pictures posted today...
miker84 said:
We need photos!

Sorry it took so long to get these pics up, with the holidays I ain't had a chance to take em :pullhair:
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1 - 11 of 25 Posts
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