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lil' 308 bolt rifle..... just an ol' savage

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Finally all complete.... Started with the Savage 10PC. The 20" bbl was threaded and instead of a thread protector I figured why not put a flash hider on that puppy? While it was in the shop I had them bend down the new bolt handle a bit as well. Fits nice and snug in there now. Savage's Accu-Trigger and Accu-Mold stock are standard.... and nice! Put an EGW base on it with TPS 30mm aluminum rings. Topped it with Bushnell Elite 4200 6x24x50mm mil dot reticle, side focus etc etc. Tore it all down and Duracoated to match up w/ the stock a bit better and walla. It's no GAP rifle, but I love it. But I think I am going to have to put some Duracoat on that big black blob of a scope up there. :)


"Pretty QUIET..... " hehehehe
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Man U would not believe what the can for that dude must cost...much less the rest

I like the color scheme

I'm gonna guess 2K just for the can

Bushnell Tactical Elite 6-24x50 are hard to beat for the money...

How's she shoot?

Nice gun bro

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Yeah don't think about the $...

You'd just blow it on beer or the college fund anyway...

Have fun...Aint none of us taking the $ with us when we check out of here...we gotta do what we can to help out this wunderful "Obama Recovery"...
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