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Little HELP !!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by frodo, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. bucmeister

    bucmeister Distinguished Poster

    Okie Dokie, thanks. Sorry to say I had missed that post.
  2. para40

    para40 Sr. Curmudgeon MSGO Supporter

    Lamar Co.
    WDAM will shortly announce the END OF TIME.

    Course their batting avg isn't to good.
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  3. SubGunFan

    SubGunFan Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Just checking to see what work got done Friday at Art's place (aka: nextdoor to the middle of nowhere :D). Did Art get as much rain today as I did in NE Jackson. It rained ALL day today.

  4. phillipd

    phillipd Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Don't know about the weather today at his place but chicknman and the dozer did an amazing amount of work. Oldguns was on a weed eater, pole saw, and dragging debris out of the way. Pistol range is mowed fairly well. I mainly smoked, drank Dr Pepper and supervised. Still some cut down small debris to be moved and some lopper work, and bush hogging to the left of the pistol range under the power line. I would say 95% done except for a good bit of poison
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  5. Hey Guys.
    even though Chicknman, Oldguns and phillipd
    Did a lot of work last friday.
    Next saturday is still a go, for weed clean up
    and burgers
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  6. I cant wait to use my new cooler/grill combo

    grill  redneck.jpg
  7. Chicknman

    Chicknman Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I bet your burgers taste like $hit
  8. fordpkup

    fordpkup Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    I did tell you about my diet. Nothing cooked on the john.
  9. ohhhh... you are a comodian !!!!!!!!
  10. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    But yer name ain't "Annie"... :(

  11. know what is really messed up?
    that thing kind looks like a good idea. lol lol
  12. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

  13. rigrat

    rigrat Semper Fi

  14. Southern Reloading

    Southern Reloading Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Don't think she's referring to either!

    Can we please have some pics of Friday's action to actually prove they did something!!
  15. patchz

    patchz Court Jester

    Didn't you read Phillip's post? They drank Dr. Pepper, smoked, and supervised. :rolleyes: :D
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  16. Sum Gy Custom Firearms

    Sum Gy Custom Firearms Distinguished Poster

    I am sorry I just ain't as addicted to a digital camera as many on here is. I figured out some time things get done without photos or not and you can take pictures if anything and say you did it
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  17. IMG_1492.JPG IMG_1485.JPG My Camera is brokeded.
    Wife took a picture of this tree

    and us under the Mississippi Bridge having lunch

    Then dropped the camera.

    camera lense will not close
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  18. TheBouncer1111

    TheBouncer1111 Distinguished Poster

    Lesson Learned...never EVER give wifey anything mechanical.....
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