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Living Da Dream

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Story starts 21 yrs ago when i met jtt at a teenage mutant nija turtle birthday party,riverbilly jr an him were having a birthday party together,they were 2yrs old and 3yrs old,my life has never been the same,they are like two peas in a pod,they've been best friends for all these yrs,their saying is" if it flys it dies,runs i'll chase it,swims i'll catch it"an its true they havehunted an fished every corner an hole in these parts and lots of other parts of the country,they made two of the funniest real life hunting videos you've ever seen,they are real life tk and mike,i've set around camp fire and listen to their hunting episodes for yrs and talk about all these hunting shows and what a dream it would be to get to do it,long story so cus from mossy oak call jtt looking for a good ole boy to teach to film,two weeks ago jtt was working construction,now he has a desk at mossy oak and is one of their new camera men,,way to go jtt,heres to you :funny: living the dream
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wooooooohhhhhooooooooooooo...... good to hear. Maybe he'll let u go watch sometime and not shoot any big ole deer.... :thumbup:
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