LNIB Ruger Mark lll 22/45 4.5" Heavy Barrel

Discussion in 'Sold' started by Golfer, Jul 4, 2017.

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    Not a mark on it that I can see. Has been sitting in the safe for years. Less than 300 rounds through it I believe. I originally bought it to practice with instead of using a competition gun, but then realized I really can't be bothered practicing. (yes, my shooting verifies that). Perfect gun for the kids or grandkids. Who wants to give it a nice home and show it some love ? Asking $275.00 and not interested in any trades. Will require bill of sale and ID. I'm in Madison and not interested in shipping

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  3. Southern Reloading

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    I'll take it if available.
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    Knew you'd be along shortly lol
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    So did I.

    Although I don't have any disposable income to be spending on more guns right now (until I can sell some I've already got, or find a part-time job), I started to tag Randy in a post when I first saw this listing, asking if he'd mule it down here to the coast for me when he goes to Jackson this week.
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    SPF to Southern Reloading - conversation started. Glad it went to a good home
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    We may talk about it after my addiction classes next week Twangbanger!!

    And OMM you knew I was lurking!!!