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While doing a little cleaning (looking for stuff that needs to be thrown away) this morning, I came across a string of shotgun shell Christmas lights. Those little white Christmas lights that are stuck into empty shotgun shells. At first I threw them in the trash, then got to thinking.... they are hi-brass shells. Upon further inspection, they are new unfired Fiocchi shells without a primer. It took a while, but I finally got the shells separated from the lights (and the lights went into the trash).

Slugs in Boxes.jpg

The red shells are the "Christmas Lights Shells". The white (clear) shells are ones I picked up at the MDOT Sporting Clays Shoot earlier this month. Got almost 100 of those...... (for free). All these shells (45 total) are now loaded with Lyman pellet slugs.

Slug Boxes.jpg

And the boxes are labeled............... :cool:

Then I thought about the buckshot again. Over a year ago I bought 3 molds for buckshot and cast a bunch of each size (#1, 00 and 000) out of pure lead. I even bought a bunch of new primed hulls and special wads to load buckshot. Just never got around to it............. until today.

Bear Mach Press - 2.jpg

This is a Bear Mach press that I bought many years ago off eBay. I had never heard of Bear shotgun shell presses and the price was right. It is a GOOD press. Well made and sturdy. Too bad they don't make them anymore. The reason I used this press over my MEC 600, is this press has both a 6-point and 8-point crimp start station. The MEC just has one crimp start station. Both types of Fiocchi shells I used today for the Lyman slugs have 6-point crimps. And the Remington hi-brass shells I used for the buckshot shells have 8-point crimps.

Buckshot Components.jpg

Components for buckshot shells. To keep things simple for my first buckshot shells, I used #1 buckshot because it will fit into a standard wad. 00 and 000 buckshot require a special wad. The load is 12 pellets. And since 12 - #1 Buck pellets weight almost the same as a Lyman pellet slug, I used the same powder load of 18.0gr of Promo.

Buckshot in Box.jpg

Working on filling this box with #1 Buckshot shells.

Loading buckshot is a slow process, but a fun one (at least for the first time). Having to count out the pellets and arrange them in the wad takes a little time. However, the time put in to making them will make shooting them more enjoyable.


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Looking good! I'll have to start saving/collecting shotgun shells, along with all the other brass!
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