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Loading for the Garand

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I think I am also about finished with my 30.06 testing also. Been trying to work up a load for one of my Garands for sometime now without much success. I have tried about every load in the books for a 147 and 150 grain FMJ bullet with the best results being 47gr of Varget. This load was giving me 5"-6" inch groups at 200yrds

Decided to go for a heavier bullet and picked-up some 168gr Sierra Match King. Using Remington brass, CC#34 primers, and 46gr of IMR4895. Went to the range this afternoon and shot with Dan Borders. These loads were alot more encouraging ...

Of course, this is off a rest using iron sights at 200yrds .. Going to load a few more tonight and see if I can not tight'em up a little better. I think I am on the right track ... You really got to love them old Garands!!
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