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location of German Luger manufacturer name

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Where do you find the manufacturer name on a 1936 Luger? My aunts husband has one his uncle brought back, and is considering selling it or trading it off. I bo interested, but need to know the manufacturer of it. I don't recall seeing anything when I briefly looked it over today. OVerall condition was great, all numbers I could see matched, and was dated 1936.
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One important question -- does it have the spread eagle holding a Nazi Swastika? Should either be on the toggle or on the side of the receiver ...
Mauser bought all the production machinery for the Luger around 1926 and continued to produce the Luger until around mid 1940 when the military left the Lugar and adopted the P-38. Since all companies were actually "owned" by the National Socialist Party (NAZI) - there was no competition and Mauser was the exclusive manufacture. However, the Swiss did produce some -- of course, the Swiss models would not have the Swastika.

Now there were a number of manufactures prior to 1926 that produced them for the German military in WWI and before. Between 1919 and about 1925, Germany could not produce weapons due to the surrender terms of WWI.
One thing to make sure of it you intend to purchase it ... most ALL major parts of a German made lugar will be numbered to include the magazines. A gun with all matching numbers is a premium piece.
Right on target!!
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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