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location of German Luger manufacturer name

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Where do you find the manufacturer name on a 1936 Luger? My aunts husband has one his uncle brought back, and is considering selling it or trading it off. I bo interested, but need to know the manufacturer of it. I don't recall seeing anything when I briefly looked it over today. OVerall condition was great, all numbers I could see matched, and was dated 1936.
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There will be a mfg code on the pistol. Is it marked BYF or some other 3 or 4 letter code? There are other codes such as G/42 or S/42 as well.

Hammer said:
I am wanting to say the code was 7043.
That is probably a portion of the serial number. If you have all the serial number info it should include the following

1. Manufacturing Code (ie:BYF)
2. Year of manufacturing
3. 4 digit serial number
4. letter suffix.

Without this info, you have no proof of serial number. Every 9999 firearms, the German serial numbering system starts with 0001a through 9999a then starts 0001b-9999b and so forth. When the letter z is attained the next block of numbers would be 0001aa-9999aa.

Hammer said:
Doug, it does have the S/42 on it.
<table border="1" width="90%"><tr valign="top"><td>S/42</td> <td> Mauser-Werke AG,
Oberndorf a./N, early code </td> </tr><tr valign="top"> <td> S/42G</td> <td> Mauser-Werke
AG, Oberndorf a./N, production in 1935 </td> </tr><tr valign="top"> <td> S/42K</td> <td> Mauser-Werke
AG, Oberndorf a./N, production in 1934 </td></tr></table>
The pistol was made a Mauser-Werke Oberndorf, an Neckar, before 1934.

1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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