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Look What Followed Me Home

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I messed up and went by another pawn shop Friday and ended up two more guns follow me home. One was another Ruger 10-22. You can't ever have enough of these, especially when they are cheap. The other one was this .22 pistol.
[/url][/img]I didn't need another .22 pistol but I didn't have one like this, so that was a good enough reason to buy it. It's a Star Model FM, single action, 10-rd magazine, 4 1/2" barrel, fully adjustable rear sight and made in 1972. I just finished cleaning it up and I'll be shooting it tomorrow. It appears to be well made. It's all machined steel and heavy.
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Reminds me of a Beretta 76 but had trouble with it, sent it back to Baretta and had the same problem, that gun looks like it is better built. Plenty of steel. If it looks that good after 38 years,
you got a good one. Congrats.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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