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Look What Followed Me Home

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I messed up and went by another pawn shop Friday and ended up two more guns follow me home. One was another Ruger 10-22. You can't ever have enough of these, especially when they are cheap. The other one was this .22 pistol.
[/url][/img]I didn't need another .22 pistol but I didn't have one like this, so that was a good enough reason to buy it. It's a Star Model FM, single action, 10-rd magazine, 4 1/2" barrel, fully adjustable rear sight and made in 1972. I just finished cleaning it up and I'll be shooting it tomorrow. It appears to be well made. It's all machined steel and heavy.
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Have heard good things about Star, hadn't seen a .22. Bet it's a keeper. I'd have bought it myself if the price was right.
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