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Lookin to get started makin boolits

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What and where are some good starter kits. Also is anyone throwing a casting party in central MS.
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I suggest going the "LEE Route"....

Buy a LEE 20# pot and 1 or 2 2-cavity LEE molds. Plain-base bullet design, not bevel-base.

Then buy a RCBS or Lyman sizerluber and the correct set of dies for the bullets you cast.

Extras: A sturdy & stable bench to cast on, gloves & glasses, a hard plastic hammer for the sprue plates and to tap the molds, a box fan or 2, old towels to drop the hot bullets on, + a few other items....

To help you get started and save $$$ at first, after you "prove" you have bought the above items and are setup, I'll bet you could talk some of us into sending you some WW ingots to save you the trouble & $$$ of smelting WWs. When you get deeper into casting you will need your own smelting setup.

Will you pay for 2 nights at the Grand Casino in Tunica for me...?


1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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