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Lookin to get started makin boolits

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What and where are some good starter kits. Also is anyone throwing a casting party in central MS.
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I'm willing to throw a casting party in NW MS once I get all my stuff. I'm 58 miles from the main Grenada exit straight up 55.
Maybe we could get an experienced caster to make the trip and help start a casting LP/OP up here.
SubGunFan said:
Will you pay for 2 nights at the Grand Casino in Tunica for me...?


perhaps....as long as the room is all I have to pay for. :funny:
ialefty2 said:
Crockett, just west of miker84
Sounds like we are both in the suburbs of Senatobia. I'm actually in New Town.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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