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I have a Ruger 44 Carbine that I am having problems with and I need a good gun smith. I am haviing problems with it cycling the bullets. It shoots the 1st shot then jams. You can bump the side and the bullet will go int the chamber. It is in beautiful condition otherwise and I really like to hunt with it but cant take the jam issue. I have sent it to 2 gunsmiths locally. 1 said he couldn't get the parts ( he thought it was a spring) and charged me 60 dollars for looking at it and the other one said that say he fixed it but its still not fixed. He charged me 100 bucks. Still does the same thing. I know the gun is old and a collectors item and I want it fixed but worried iit is becoming a money pit.

Any advice?


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Billy Tierce will get the job done or want charge you for his time ...

I am siding with SubGunFan on this one -- sounds like it could be an ammo problem .....

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I have one of those carbines and love it..
Have you tried any 300gr Hornady XTP?
I know they cycle good in mine, i also load 240gr Rainier bullets for plinking. Havent had any problems.

Mr Billy is who i take all my stuff to, he is gonna be closing for a lil while at the first of the year so get it out there now if you can.

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Good advice already here I think but I will throw in my $.02:

Some of those guns are, I understand, pretty ammunition sensitive so the ammunition issue mentioned by Subgun and Captain may very well be the problem. Take a look at this thread here which discusses needing full power loads to make them work reliably and that some off the shelf pistol ammunition won't generally function correctly. Did it used to work reliably? If so, was it the same load as is giving a problem now or something different?

Along the same line, were many lead bullets fired in it? It is my understanding that lead bullets could foul the gas system and that maybe even the Ruger manual in later years of production suggested jacketed only? See here. It may be that the gas system is fouled and just needs to be cleaned to get a complete stroke and give the bolt enough force to feed correctly.

The recoil spring mentioned by Mr. Bowser is another possibility, as springs do wear out on older guns and it sounds like it doesn't have the "umph" to get the job done. However, if the gas system is clogged or it is an ammunition issue, a new spring may just make the problem worse.

As Captain, dhollis, and nonnieselman mentioned, Billy Tierce, 4050 Jack Rd., Utica, MS (601) 885-9297, is a good 'smith and I don't think he would treat you wrong.

Finally, although parts are hard to come by for that model, they are available. Numrich is a very good source and it looks like they have several pages of parts for different carbine models:

Good luck.
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