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Looking for the best IWB for 1911 that is comfortable.

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Does anyone have suggestions on what works best for CC of 1911?
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I like Nick Matthews because one of his holsters, I don't remember which, has a more severe cant than anything else out on the market. That helps hide the butt of a full-sized '11. His quality isn't quite to the standard of the BIG names, but it's not like the stitching is coming apart. His leather just isn't as stiff. I had to request a reinforced mouth on my second order, which he added no charge--this was almost 18 months ago, and I don't know if he's charging for that now. His prices have also gone up "drastically" from $40 delivered to "~$60 +" now..

I waited 16 months for a Bulman and never wore with a gun. The holster printed all by itself, so I'm prolly gonna sell it. Sparks VM2 doesn't print, but it's damn near as bulky on me.

My second choice would be AJConcealco. I like the belt loop configuration; the front "sideways" loop pulls the gun in closer to the body than anything else; I wish he'd cant it a la Matthews; I'd be wearing that if he did.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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