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Yeah I know guys.. Its been a while.

Leland is still alive and kicking but Im as tired as a rented mule and busier than a one-armed paper hanger.

School is going great! Tougher than hell..... but great!

Last semester I finished with a 2.9 GPA. made a B in all 3 of my Criminal Justice classes as well as a C in Public Speaking! (That was a hard class!!!)

Well at break last semester I bought a motorcycle, a non-running 1975 Suzuki T500 Titan. Long story short.. It got stolen last month...

I'm hopefully about to get a 750 Virago if its still available when my loans come in. We shall see.

Now I am working on a 1500 word research paper on the benefits of defensive firearms training. This will be the 4th assignment Ive done on firearms (including an 8 minute speech on gun ownership)

Guys.. Im coming back to the range when I get the chance but stress and school really take a tole on my concentration and focus for shooting. Im partially blaming that for my DQ last October. I just decided the night before the match to put off studying and go to the match. Running on 2 hrs sleep and shooting a match is NEVER a good idea.

Ill plan to make the match in April, time permitting. We shall see.

I miss all you guys and its rough not being able to go shoot. Hell, besides the matches, Ive only went to the range about 5 times this year.

Im coming back when I get the chance... Gotta show you guys how to run a rimfire....

Until next time shoot straight, keep your powder dry and send a few downrange for your old buddy Leland.
Ill see you guys later down the road and/or on facebook.

(unload and show clear)

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Welcome back -- Hope school gets better for you --- it will all be worth it in the end .... hang in there!!

BTW: Was good seeing you at WalMarts a week or so back ..

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Glad to hear your still alive and kicking. Got your priorities straight, nose in them school books and not hanging out with us knuckleheads on the forum. Stay focused with your eye on the goal. Wish you well in school, let's get that GPA up to 3.0. I don't know if Wally World was where Cap't said he saw you the night you hollered out to me. They'll let anybody in that place. Good Luck.
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