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Louisiana State Championship

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Who's all going to the state championship October 2nd & 3rd ?
Looks like those that are going so far are going to stay at the Comfort Inn in Donaldsonville. Phone # 225-264-6006 if anyone wants to make reservations. Should be a good time, they are going to feed us pulled pork after the match saturday with door prize drawings. They gave away some good stuff last year, a nightforce scope, new Kreiger 6mm barrel blank.
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Well I am not going. I just pulled the Dasher barrel off and spun on a new ATLAS barrel. Brady has got opening day for Soccer this Saturday and bow season opens on the first of Oct…. So I am finished for the year. I look forward to shooting with you guys next year.
Good look to all of you 601 Boys headed to LA!
Ok Boys, inquiring minds want to know! How did the “601 Boys” fair at the match? Does anybody have the results?
Those are the Score Cards from Saturday, Matches 1, 2 & 3! I want to know what the scores were for Day 2 on Sunday, Matches 4, 5, 6 & the Aggs…..
Congrats on the good shooting from yourself, Alton and C.J.! I spoke to Witt today and his goal for the year was to finish up in Master Class, but he said it looked like he would finish up as High Master. He is tickled pink. I look forward to shooting with all of you guys next year.
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