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Louisiana State Championship

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Who's all going to the state championship October 2nd & 3rd ?
Looks like those that are going so far are going to stay at the Comfort Inn in Donaldsonville. Phone # 225-264-6006 if anyone wants to make reservations. Should be a good time, they are going to feed us pulled pork after the match saturday with door prize drawings. They gave away some good stuff last year, a nightforce scope, new Kreiger 6mm barrel blank.
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Ya'll have a great time...on call next 2 weekends :pullhair:
Ya'll make sure X-ring takes in plenty of gatoraide

Good Luck you to you folks shootin
300 ATLAS said:
Ok Boys, inquiring minds want to know! How did the “601 Boys” fair at the match? Does anybody have the results?
Think they are posted...right above your reply....score card pics
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