LP Gas Grill?

Discussion in 'Sold' started by TheBouncer1111, May 17, 2018.

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  1. TheBouncer1111

    TheBouncer1111 Distinguished Poster

    20180517_164742[1].jpg Working in front yard, noticed a neighbor put out what appears to be a Stainless Steel LP gas grill.

    I have not walked down to inspect, but suspect it is not more than 5yrs old. I have no idea what shape or conditions the controls are, but again would suspect it's in working condition. (neighbors not known to be very handy with tools etc.) The Man is suffering chemo, not expected to live out the year. Mother and Daughter not very handy with tools, and scared of the gas tank leaking.

    Our trash runs on Friday morning, around 9am. I suspect this wont last for long tonight as we have trash scavengers drive by after people put out trash.

    Located on East side of The Rez off Spillway Road near intersection of Fannin and Spillway.

    PM if you want house number
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  2. shoeshooter

    shoeshooter Distinguished Poster

    Put an old fridge out last week. actually sat there a day or so. stuff is usually gone in an hour. Pretty handy, Used To Have To Go To dump.
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  3. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    My youngest son has this happen in his neighborhood. Things like the above as he puts out on the street at curbside disappears rather quickly... ;)

    He even placed an old "busted" and non working gas hot water heater tank out at the curb... and it was gone in a matter of hours!

    That LP gas grill won't be there too long at all. :cool:
  4. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    I'll keep your neighbor and his family in my prayers... sorry to hear of his suffering and terminal illness.
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  5. stewbaby

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    If something doesn’t move as ‘free’, put ‘for sale $10’ on it, then it’ll disappear
  6. TheBouncer1111

    TheBouncer1111 Distinguished Poster

    it was gone before the trashed picked up...this can be closed
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