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Ma-Ten 308AR Build

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Here is a build of a 308 AR that I'm doing. Special thanks to Dock Rocker for transferring the lower for me. Here is what it is (and it's not finished yet!)

Lower/Upper is a Mega Machine matched billet set w/ daniel defense lower parts kit

Ma-Ten info

Stock is a Magpul UBR:
UBR info

I'm going to put on a Fulton Armory SS 16" barrel w/ AAC 7.62 Blackout suppressor QD (to go with my awesome 7.62SD!). Either Daniel Defense or Larue Tactical handguards, and a Millet or Zeiss 4-16x50 optics w/ larue tactical mount.

question: if anyone can help me attach the barrel to the upper (when I get the barrel/handguards) I would be most appreciative. I don't have a vice/upper block or anything to do it with. I'm in the jackson area.
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§ºµ†hè®ñ_ߺý said:
I wanna put that stock on one of my rifles, but I have yet to handle it. How do you like it? Pros and cons? Please give me some info!
This stock is amazing. It's heavy though but it fully locks into whatever position you put it in and it solid as they come. The reall nice thing is that when you extend the stock the cheek weld stays constant since only the bottom slides out.

Btw- this stock is 250 everywhere but I bought it from dsgarms.com for 199$. The green ones are part of the "going green" sale. Coupon code from ar15.com (15$ for over 200$ spent. Look in industry/dsgarms forum for code) I am tempted to buy another for my ar15. It's that amazing.
Dock Rocker said:
Looks great. Now get it together so we can go blast something!!
dude... just ordered a Larue Tactical 11" handguard for it! this thing is costing me way too much money.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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