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Ma-Ten 308AR Build

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Here is a build of a 308 AR that I'm doing. Special thanks to Dock Rocker for transferring the lower for me. Here is what it is (and it's not finished yet!)

Lower/Upper is a Mega Machine matched billet set w/ daniel defense lower parts kit

Ma-Ten info

Stock is a Magpul UBR:
UBR info

I'm going to put on a Fulton Armory SS 16" barrel w/ AAC 7.62 Blackout suppressor QD (to go with my awesome 7.62SD!). Either Daniel Defense or Larue Tactical handguards, and a Millet or Zeiss 4-16x50 optics w/ larue tactical mount.

question: if anyone can help me attach the barrel to the upper (when I get the barrel/handguards) I would be most appreciative. I don't have a vice/upper block or anything to do it with. I'm in the jackson area.
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I like it! AR-10 would be a dream build for me!
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