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Made the jump to the dark side.

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Until today I had avoided the AR platform. But today I bought a S&W M&P15 flat top. I have heard that AR's in general can be picky about ammo. Some don't like the Wolf because of the lacquered case, some don't like handloads. I was wondering about the Silver Bear ammo, even though it is a steel case, it is nickel plated instead of the lacquer coating. Anyone have comments on what to feed the new toy?
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This will most likely stir some up, but IMHO most average AR shooters (not comp guys) do not honestly shoot and evaluate each particular brand. They go by heresay and their buddies opinion. If most shooters have an issue they automaticly blame the ammo instead of the platform ie. dirt/carbon build up, aligned gas rings, weak extractor springs, loose bolt key, stretched buffer springs etc. Some ammo is better than others at covering up an underlying issue. Dont get me wrong, some ammo performs better than others but 95%+ of today's factory loads should run in any given AR. YMMV
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