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Made the jump to the dark side.

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Until today I had avoided the AR platform. But today I bought a S&W M&P15 flat top. I have heard that AR's in general can be picky about ammo. Some don't like the Wolf because of the lacquered case, some don't like handloads. I was wondering about the Silver Bear ammo, even though it is a steel case, it is nickel plated instead of the lacquer coating. Anyone have comments on what to feed the new toy?
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Glad you got one, I love my S&W AR15 optic model. When I bought it I called S&W and ask them about lacquered coated ammo if it was all right to shoot in the S&W and would it void any warranty. They said, "shoot it, it won't void the warranty nor hurt the S&W AR15." So I bought 2000 rounds of Brown bear and have put 500 through it and not problems and it shoots the lacquered coated 52gr HP Brown Bear ammo pretty good for Russian ammo.
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