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Made the jump to the dark side.

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Until today I had avoided the AR platform. But today I bought a S&W M&P15 flat top. I have heard that AR's in general can be picky about ammo. Some don't like the Wolf because of the lacquered case, some don't like handloads. I was wondering about the Silver Bear ammo, even though it is a steel case, it is nickel plated instead of the lacquer coating. Anyone have comments on what to feed the new toy?
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TULA .223 from cheaperthandirt.. $200 per 1000.

ive gone thru quite a few boxs thru my stevens and ARs.. works for me. pretty accurate too, 300yd shot on a small coyote with my stevens.

Have another 1500+ to go thru.. i use it when we ride around the farm.. I can shoot and not worry about picking up my brass :D
I dont remember using a code... its 3.95 for a box.. comes out to 213 or something shipped?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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