Madison MS new to site.

Discussion in 'New Member Welcome Center' started by Lee Ryals, May 10, 2018.

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    Hope everyone is well. See y’all around.

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    Dang it son them gads and green heads are NICE! Let me know if need a deek toter :D

    Welcome to the forum BTW, from MY hometown- Laurel, JC
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    'Seen lots of them things you holding up floatin' around my pond. Didn't know they looked like that on top, all I seen was little bodies and two orange paddles pushin em around. catfish.jpg
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    Welcome to the group Lee. Y’all, this is a good friend of mine. Don’t cut him any slack! Lol he’s a big boy! He can take it!
  9. :welcomemsgo: Welcome from extreme NW Mississippi!!! I am able to throw one rock and hit both the Mississippi River, and Tennessee. Glad you found us!!!!!!:fun:
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    Welcome to MSGO.
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    Welcome from Madison.