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Is the re-up this weekend? The 5th? When do I need to be there?
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shoeshooter said:
Mailed mine today. Hopefully THAT line will be shorter.
How will we know they got out payment? Sent mine the other day. Daughter in law sent some scopes overnight for $12. I had promised a guy I would sell it to him for the same cost my son got it out of the PX where they were 1/2 price. Took 11 days to get here and I think the guy got P.O.'ed, don't think he got on the site since.
sigma74216 said:
Sid, they should send you a new badge.
Thanks Sigma. They did get me my info quickly last time so I guess it's who's working (or not) at the P.O.
Xd357 said:
Maybe the rain will discourage a lot of people from coming.
"Evil laugh"

j/k. But I don't think we're all going to fit under the pavilion.
Don't believe the "j/k" remark. We're all hoping we are the only one to show up (besides the man handing out the goodies).
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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