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Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club USPSA match Sunday, November 3 at Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club in Byram.

Registration is open. If you think you might attend, please register.

Results of this match will be posted to the following sites:

Number and type stages will depend on competitors registered and setup help available. There will be at least 5 with as many as 7.

Magnolia is a cold range and as such guns may not be handled in the parking lot. All guns must be in a case or bag and brought to the designated "Safe" area to be removed from their case or bag and holstered, or if a long gun, placed in a cart with a visible chamber flag as appropriate. Guns may not have any ammunition in them and ammunition may not be handled in the "Safe" area.

Setup starts at 7AM and Check In/Registration closes at 8:30AM. Late arrivals will be turned away, no exceptions.

Please be courteous to your fellow competitors and arrive on time.

There will be a brief Shooters meeting after registration closes and then the match will start.
Match Fee - $25
Setup Crew - $15 (To get this price, you must arrive between 7:00 and 7:30 and check-in with Rick or LaDonna in the barn. No exceptions)
Juniors (anyone under 18) - $10
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