Magnolia Steel Stingers May 12 Steel Challenge Match

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    Steel Challenge Match Saturday, May 12, 2018 at Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club in Byram

    Registration is open and if you are a USPSA member, please visit the Steel Challenge Classifications page to find your classification for the division(s) you are competing in.

    If you think you might attend, please register.
    Magnolia is a cold range and as such guns may not be handled in the parking lot. All guns must be in a case or bag and brought to the designated "Safe" area to be removed from their case or bag and holstered, or if a long gun, placed in a cart with a visible chamber flag as appropriate. Guns may not have any ammunition in them and ammunition may not be handled in the "Safe" area.

    Results of this match will be posted to the following sites:
    Scores from all our Steel Challenge matches are sent to USPSA, so members can get classified in a Steel Challenge division(s). You however, do not need to be a member of USPSA to shoot this match.
    This match will consist of 5 official Steel Challenge stages with the following divisions:
    • Rimfire Pistol - any pistol firing .22LR ammo
      • RFPO - Optics and Compensators allowed
      • RFPI - Iron sighted, without a compensator, barrel ports or optic sights
    • Rimfire Rifle - any rifle firing .22LR ammo
      • RFRO - Optics allowed
      • RFRI - Iron sighted, without optics
    • Center Fire Pistol - any pistol firing 9mm/.38 Special or larger ammo (no magnums)
      • OPN - Optics, Compensators, and any safe holster/position allowed
      • LTD - iron sighted pistol, without compensator, barrel ports, or optical sights
      • PROD - any pistol on the USPSA Production gun list, no race holsters allowed
      • SS - any pistol allowed in the USPSA Single Stack division
      • ISR - iron sighted revolver without a compensator, barrel ports. No barrel length, holster or maximum rounds restrictions.
      • OSR - Revolver with Optics, Compensators, and any safe holster/position allowed
      • CO - Carry Optics, must adhere to the USPSA rules for this division
    • Pistol Caliber Carbine - 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP
      • PCCI - Iron sighted
      • PCCO - Optics
    Setup starts at 7AM and Check In/Registration closes at 8AM. Late arrivals will be turned away, no exceptions.
    Please be courteous to your fellow competitors and arrive on time.

    There will be a brief Shooters meeting after registration closes and then the match will start.

    Match Fee
    • $11
    • Juniors $5
    • Pre-teens if accompanied by a shooting parent/guardian $1
    • $6 For those who arrive early and are assigned to a setup crew
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    Reading the new steel challenge rules effective Feb 2018, appendix H7 and H8, it appears compensators are now allowed in RFPI and RFRI. Also saw a discussion about this on Brian Enos forum. Anybody else see this new rule?

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    Results are posted to Practiscore

    Showdown was set up incorrectly. I changed the name so that it would not upload to the Steel Challenge website as a classifier.
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    Just can't get good help these days
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    Anichols - Do you have confirmed shoot dates yet for June and July? I have never shot in a match and want to try and make an upcoming match....Thanks. Mark
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    This link may help.

    Steel Challenge in some respects might be easier to shoot for a first match. The Outlaw Steel matches are similar to the Steel Challenge matches but the Match director can modify stages quite a lot. There are only 8 stages used for Steel Challenge matches. The biggest difference I have seen is a field coarse type stage in the Outlaw matches you only shoot once instead of 5 times. Sometimes the field coarse has knock down steel targets and .22 lr caliber guns don't normally have enough power to drop the targets. You also need to reload on the clock for the field coarse when there is one. A few times a year the Outlaw Steel match is setup for carry pistols (5 shots only per run and barrel length under 4"). Those have 3 divisions. They are carry pistol, carry revolver and limited (everything with a 4" or longer barrel).

    If you are planning to shoot a center fire gun, and have enough magazines to hold 25 or more rounds of ammo (5 or 6 magazines should be more than enough), you will most likely enjoy shooting either or both of the steel matches. They always list you need a minimum of 125 rounds of ammo. I always bring at least twice that amount. I hate thinking about if I brought enough ammo. If I start missing a lot of plates, the round count goes up pretty fast.
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    Dave - Thanks Sir for the link to the calendar and your recommendation....I will follow your suggestion to start with the Steel Challenge matches first....Mark
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    Don't get me wrong. The commands the Range Officers give will be the same or very close to the same used for Steel Challenge. Lots of things are very similar between the two. If given a choice between the two and all things were equal, I would give the edge to Steel Challenge. Outlaw Steel is also a good one to start with. Besides, the next OutLaw Steel match is next Saturday.

    Don't worry too much. We have a pretty good bunch of people at these matches. Let them know it is your first match and they will help you through it. The two main things about shooting these matches are being safe and having fun.

    Who knows, once you get the jist of how things work to shoot a stage in a steel match you might also like shooting USPSA, IDPA, Multi-Gun etc.