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Magnolia to Host the Savage Trigger Tour!!

Discussion in 'Magnolia Rifle and Pistol Club' started by captain-03, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. captain-03

    captain-03 Moderator Staff Member MSGO Supporter

    SAVAGE TRIGGER TOUR: Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club will be hosting a Savage Trigger Tour event on August 19, 2017, sponsored by Savage Arms and Vans Sporting Goods. The event will start at 11AM and conclude 3PM. Savage representatives will be providing rifles (.22lr-.338) and ammo (free of charge) to those wishing to try out their products. If you have been thinking about a Savage product, here is your chance to talk with a Savage representative and actually shoot the firearm at no cost to you!! The event is open to all Magnolia members/guests/non-members and no pre-registration is required; however, you will be required to sign-in when you arrive at the range.

    Hope to see many of you there!! Nothing like shooting the manufacture's guns using their ammo!!
  2. Xd357

    Xd357 Moderator Staff Member

    I'm going to be there.
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  3. nonnieselman

    nonnieselman Nocturnal Specialties

    Oh Yeah gotta go check that out.
  4. bubbat

    bubbat Gate Keeper to my corner of Hell

    Shoot guns with free ammo?, yes indeed, I'll be there
  5. Rw

    Rw Moderator Staff Member

    Free ammo? I'd go just to see the all the guns... shooting them is even better
  6. steve2112

    steve2112 Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Just to verify: non-members can participate in this as well?
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  7. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    Captain-03.... much gratitude is owed for the 'heads up' on this one!!! :101010:

    I've sent a "FYI" to my youngest son... who is a Magnolia member thanks to your help!!! :)
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  8. captain-03

    captain-03 Moderator Staff Member MSGO Supporter

  9. captain-03

    captain-03 Moderator Staff Member MSGO Supporter

    ALL Magnolia Members should have received an email announcing this event!!!
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  10. phillipd

    phillipd Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Mr. Ted, I'm off that weekend. Would you mind a steel vendor present? No biggie if you would not. I'd like to see how the .338 does on my plates on the 200 yard range and will most likely come anyway, even if I can't set up.
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  11. Mesquite

    Mesquite Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    Just caught this thread, may have to skip my silloutte shoot & come up. Sounds like fun & info.
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  12. Cliff731

    Cliff731 Danged ole' Hermit...

    Phillip... I hope you can come down to Magnolia for this event.

    I'm sure my son is attending and I hope to be with him.

    The word is that Savage is supplying the guns and the boolits!!! :)
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