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Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911

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Anybody know about these? I just came across them on MR's website while looking for a baby eagle and they look rather run of the mill but I could be wrong so I thought I would ask. this is the link.

I think it would be pretty cool if they made one in .50 GI since "Desert Eagle" and "50 caliber handgun" kind of go hand in hand to me...just a thought
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I'm wondering if MR is actually making it. I was looking at the Baby Eagle "FA" and it looks way too similar to the Walther P99 and of course, now the S&W P99. I wouldn't be surprised if someone like Rock Island isn't making this 1911 for them. Just a thought...
Not sure what they're up to. I don't know what price they had on that but I'd look around to see if you can see any of the Walther or S&W guns. They may be priced a little cheaper. I know a guy who's got a Walther P99 in .40 up for sale right now for $500 (shot very little) if that's any comparison for you. There's no doubt it my mind that MR is re-branding that gun. The de-cock on it is unmistakable. I have the P99 in 9mm and it's a great shooter. If you liked the way it felt, you'd definitely like how it shoots. :2c:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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