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What is the interest in a shotgun-only match?

  • I think leaving by 2pm is very acceptable, let us shoot multiple times

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Many of you know that the Steel Spectacular was the end result of the match staff's discussion on how to have a shotgun match. We reasoned that if we were to have a shotgun match, there would be around 10 people show up. Well, if you came to the match, you know that we had over 70 come to the match since pistols and PCC's were able to compete.

71 guns (effectually 71 shooters) meant we were there till 2pm. Honestly, I think that is pretty good all things considered. A 3Gun match at most other clubs would be doing very well to get out of there in 5 hours and a normal USPSA match is about the same timeframe. Yet there were still numerous comments on the match taking so long. (I do appreciate your feedback, and this is me acting on it to improve our matches)

So, for the next special match like this, we are thinking about either limiting registration to one gun per shooter or making it an all-shotgun match like we originally wanted.
There was a substantial shotgun participation (23 shooters), and I believe there was some sharing of guns. It is very doable for 4 people to shoot one gun in a match. Just enough time for it to cool off a little bit so you don't burn your hand reloading.

Now we are considering the viability of a true shotgun match. What are your thoughts?

In a true shotgun-only match we could have slug targets (close/far paper, far steel), clay targets (both stationary and flying), and still keep steel arrays similar to last weekend.
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