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Marine Conservation

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I was fishing yesterday after work @ Gene Taylor Reef. Our boat was approached by a marine conservation boat, the gentlemen asked only for our drivers license and a phone #, not fishing license. Anyone have an idea what they were up to?

BTW, caught 11 Nice Specks, not too bad for a quick trip after work.
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Not sure, had a EMS personel take down our boat ID# when we came back into the Pass Harbor the other day, not sure what that was all about either. We got stopped at Taylors last Monday by CO's but all they did was check our fish to see if anyone was catching any good fish at Taylors for their own personal future fishing references. Didn't want to see our license or anything. :thinking: About what time did you catch your fish after work? The morning bite is over by 8:30 for the most part. You can still catch some fish after that but you have to work for them.
I guess at the Pass Harbor they're checking boats for oil on them before they come in.
GunOneDown said:
Yall been out to marsh this week? we going tomorrow morning.
I have never fished La at all.
The Pass Harbor Master (Willie Dean) is my wife's 1st cousin. The guy I always fish with is his dad Willie.
There is usually 3 on duty through the day.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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