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Marlin Lever GunFamily Portrait

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This is a family portrait of my current Marlin lever guns. They are:
Model 1893, .30-30, mfg. in 1897
Model 36, .30-30, mfg. in 1946
Model 1894, .38-40, mfg. in 1905
Model 1889, .32-20, mfg. in 1890
Model 1895S, .45-70, mfg. in 1982
Golden 39A, .22LR, mfg. in 1963
Model 39A, .22LR, mfg. in 1952
Model 336RC, .35 Remington, mfg. in 1960
Model 336SC, .32 Winchester Special, mfg. in 1950

All shoot great except the 1889. It’s groups look like a buckshot pattern. I think the factory loads are to low pressure to expand the base of the bullet to fill the bore. I’m going to try reloading some and see if that cures the problem.

Let’s see some pictures of your favorite Marlins.
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pinetor said,
Awesome. Does it seem odd that I like the older ones better?
Not at all. The older they are the better I like them. I figure I can always buy a new gun but the chance to buy one of these old ones may never come along again. Plus there's nothing better than shooting and hunting with a 100+ year old gun. I've posted my Savage 99's and Marlins. The Winchesters will be next.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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