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master cast ammo?

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Mr. Doug Bowser turned me onto this company for buying reloaded ammo. he hasnt used them but has heard good things. i think i am gonna order some ammo from them once i get my 38 spl brass collection built up. anyone ever use them?

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Think I may get 1000 rounds loaded up. Dad wants to try em too. Gotta try and get some brass now!
Right now I have about 80 pieces but cliff cargill said he has some brass I'm gonna pick up. Dad wants to get some so I think he and I are gonna send it off. I could send yours with mine to save you shipping one way. Probably put it in a flat rate usps box.
Dunno about what load yet. Probably something middle of the road and cheap. Lol

Gotta get some brass first
Well that makes the decision of who to buy from easy. Lol
1 - 6 of 22 Posts
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