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master cast ammo?

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Mr. Doug Bowser turned me onto this company for buying reloaded ammo. he hasnt used them but has heard good things. i think i am gonna order some ammo from them once i get my 38 spl brass collection built up. anyone ever use them?

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A couple weeks ago, I got some 38 brass from a fellow that posts on The Firing Line. I can find his info and get it to yall if you want it. He was a good guy to deal with.
Another option on getting some brass is to just bite the bullet and buy some new loaded ammo. 500 or 1000 rounds at a time brings the cost down. That way you know the brass is new. It's a pretty good initial outlay, but when you figure you can reload the brass many many times, it helps to justify the cost.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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