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master cast ammo?

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Mr. Doug Bowser turned me onto this company for buying reloaded ammo. he hasnt used them but has heard good things. i think i am gonna order some ammo from them once i get my 38 spl brass collection built up. anyone ever use them?

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I sent an email to mastercast.. My question was if I send MY brass and request I get it back loaded can they do it. Response was no. All my brass is nickle plated... I know its not a big deal. I checked with Delta ... they are on back order for dern near everything .38-.357... really kinda sad.
Well I don't doubt your experiences however they are not mine. Most of my .38 are on their 3rd and 4th reload maybe even 5th reload, and most of them were bought as "once shot" brass to begin with. To be sure, after each shooting session I have to go through and and cull out busted cases. I have Federal cases that are so old the nickel is wearing off. My understanding is that nickel cases require less lubrication when reloading as they are simply "slicker".
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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