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Discussion in 'AR's, AK's, Silencers /Class III' started by Lefty2Guns, May 18, 2017.

  1. Lefty2Guns

    Lefty2Guns Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    The Maxim® 9 is the world’s first integrally suppressed 9mm handgun that is holster-able and hearing safe with all types of 9mm ammunition. Shipped in its full-length configuration, the Maxim 9 comes with everything the user needs to shorten the overall length by more than 1”; in the short configuration, the Maxim 9 remains hearing safe with subsonic ammunition...
    First Look: SilencerCo Maxim 9 - Guns & Ammo

    Maxim 9 | Integrally Suppressed Pistol |

    This thing looks pretty cool. I like the idea of it and it may just be the hottest gadget out this year BUT, if you bought it next month it would probably be a year before you could even take it home. I have a couple silencers and I'm glad to have them, I just don't know if I'd wait a year on this thing though. It makes me really frustrated with the unconstitutional NFA.
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  2. 2DARK2C

    2DARK2C Distinguished Poster

    looks like 2 different pistols? prototype?

    looks strait from the future!

  3. Lefty2Guns

    Lefty2Guns Distinguished Poster MSGO Supporter

    They are just a couple images I brought up from google to make the story more professional, lol. I'm sure the final one will be on their link.
  4. Rw

    Rw Moderator Staff Member

    The first one is probably one of the prototypes, thats an m&p frame. I also saw one with a glock frame a while back. The second is not anything i recognize, but its magazine looks glockish.
  5. jakeg823

    jakeg823 Distinguished Poster

    The final product is supposed to take Glock mags.