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Got this little torch in the mail two days ago as a little present to myself after reading reviews on another forum. I can say that so far I am very impressed! It uses one AA battery and is the brightest & possibly the most versatile flashlight I now own. The light is extremely bright, second mode is strobe which is also very bright. Lightweight, extremely portable, glow in the dark tail clicky. The only negative I saw about the whole light was the absence of a pocket clip. Cost was $25.00 + $5.50 shipping.


•High power mode with maximum output of 170 lumen
•Normal output of 60 lumen
•Energy saving mode with output of 30 lumen
•Slower Strobe
•SOS (international code to call for help)
•Signal mode 1: 3 flashes in one second
•Signal mode 2: 1 flash in every three seconds
•Pointed head, suitable as self defense device
•One high power CREE LED
•Switch modes simply by pressing the switch twice in succession within 2 seconds
•Glow in the dark switch
•Constant on/off with switch on the flashlight's end
•Made with high quality aircraft grade aluminium
•Made with fortified glass lens
•3 mile visibility
•LEDs can last for 50 000+ hours
•2.5 hours burn time
•Water resistant
•Uses 1 AA battery
•Length: 9.8cm
•Weight: 45g (excluding batteries)
•Individually tested by Greg McGee Engineering prior to shipping from the U.S. (when purchased from Greg McGee)
•Fast USPS Priority Mail Shipping from Colorado as soon as order is placed

This is the C3-907 on it's default on position: (170 lumens)

To compare, this is my Maglite LED 3 D Cell:

Manufacturers website:

To order:

I have no interest or relation to the manufacturer/seller, just wanted to review & pass along what I thought was a great deal.

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I ordered one of these, but I got the c3-907s. It is the same just thicker AL and green body. I work at a shipyard and I crawl around navy ships daily. I am tired of the weak heavy lights at work. This little thing is nice and light, fits in my pocket, and puts out some major light. Now to see how long it takes me to break it!

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Missed this thread somehow...been looking for a light for my Mossy HD gun...don't want to spend much...this may be it. Thanks for the review.

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There was a local guy selling these at the last gun show, almost bought one but i ran into somebody(not you shoe, this time at least) and forgot to go back by his table. He was a glock armorer... cannot remember his name though.
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