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  1. canebreaker

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    Memphis parks have been sold to someone and some monuments are coming down tonight. Memphis, you want my business, move to Mississippi.
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  2. canebreaker

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    Trucks removing all monuments have all ID covered. DOT ID must be seen at all times.

    Hey folks learn some history.
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  3. prohunter3509

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    Sob. I am glad I got to visit that park last year and see my generals and wife's gravve
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  4. mascott

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  5. LIVE: Crews removing Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in Memphis

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis City Council has just voted unanimously to remove two controversial Confederate statues property.

    According to a tweet from Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland, the public parks have been sold to a private entity. He says the removal will be conducted by a private entity and will be compliant with the law.

    He also indicated that the work would be done “tonight.”

    Strickland is supposed to make a public comment at City Hall tonight.

    Councilman Berlin Boyd replied “no comment” when asked about the statues.


    "For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret."
    Ephesians 5:12, KJV
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  6. Jeff700

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    North MS
    Done under the cloak of darkness.....cowardly and pathetic!

    Let's re-write history......who cares about the truth
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  7. canebreaker

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    I went to school with steve cohen, he sucked then and has improved with age.
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  8. rigrat

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    How is it he is able to sell 2 Public parks the city/state owns?
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  9. canebreaker

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    memphis was thought to be a strong hold with a troop of less than 50 men. Some were left in their tracks as others made their way south as northerners invaded our bluff city. The invaders needing relief left their seeds with whomever they wished.
    Forest started the KKK helping everyone that they could after the war. After some other bodies (dems I hear) found out about his good work formed their own KKK and did the dirty work. Forest disbanded his KKK troops. Forest did more good for the city of memphis than will ever be known.
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  10. canebreaker

    canebreaker Distinguished Poster

    Shady, city council did it in the dark.
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  11. rigrat

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    I don't quite see how it was legal though.
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  12. canebreaker

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    Forest park was bought by the Forest family with NB and wife under the thumb and donated to the city. Now the thumb has been disturbed. I hope all heck to memphis.
  13. fordpkup

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    Maybe Memphis will fall in the river.
  14. patchz

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    Considering it's on a major fault line, that's entirely possible.
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  15. Cliff731

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    Most all of these "snowflakes" and "progressives" clamoring for the removal of Confederate statues and monuments know little if any real history of this country before their "anointed one" was elected president... nor do they care to learn, either. :(
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  16. wllmkttrll

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    But lets put all the freaking black history in TWO freaking museums in Jacktown so we don't forget.
  17. rigrat

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    Yeah lets remove it just like the confederate monuments. It all offends me.
  18. bubbat

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    Why would it be illegal for a city to sell property that belongs to them? They just sold a park here in Clinton to build townhouses, nothing illegal about it.

    City of Memphis sold the parks to get around the Tennessee Historical Commission's denying their request to remove the statutes last month and the state law that the monuments can't be removed if they are on public lands without a 2/3 vote of the Commission or the legislature voting to remove them. Sell parks to a private company, new owners can do what they want.
    Shady, low down but unfortunately legal.
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  19. canebreaker

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    Parks were sold for $1,000, wish I had known that.
  20. fordpkup

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    It probably was just an under the table deal. City will buy it back for a couple million since statue is gone.
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