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  1. Leopardcurdog

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    Brand new, never worn Ralph Lauren jacket and slacks, 100% wool. Navy in color. Jacket is 40 regular, slacks are 32W 30L. New both pieces sold for $420, and the ties were $68 total. Everything for $200.

    If there is a pastor that needs this, I'll give it all to him for free. Pick it up in the Hattiesburg/Sumrall area.

  2. TwangBanger

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    That's a very nice gesture, Leopardcurdog.

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  4. Jarhead5811

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    Very, but most pastors I know, or have known, will need a little more material around the middle.
  5. Vick

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    Darn, I'm just a little late...I could have worn that about 50 years ago! ;)
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  6. Leopardcurdog

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    Thanks yall! Ever once in awhile my true colors show through!

    Jarhead, that there is funny as heck, but so true in my experiences as well.
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    Good of you to offer to a pastor. if one doesn't take you up on your offer I hope you have good luck with your sell.
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    HEY! Watch it now... I RESEMBLE that remark! ;)