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    You May have noticed the flurry of activity on this forum from your’s truly. My house closing is June 15 and I’ll be in New Orleans Full time...The existential question facing me, as will face all of us one day is “how have I accumulated so much crap in the last twenty years?”.... in addition to what I have posted so far, I’ll have a Hausquvarna law mower, a Troybilt weed eater with trimmer and blower attachment, and a whole host of other tools and other home improvement crap, e.g. Wagner spray paint system and wall paper steamer (and all sorts of stuff). As Marty (22lrfan) noted today when he picked up my grappling hook today, he had just realized as he needed one. If you are looking for something, let me know, I might have it, and I want to get rid of (at a massive discount) rather than haul to the home of graft and good times. Al inquiries welcome.
  2. 2DARK2C

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    broken toys :) I always need cheap broken toys.
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    Best wishes on the move. Good luck down there and watch your back, they're different than us
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    Had friends son on force-SWAT teams. He was glad to get out of there.
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    Yes definately be careful there. This wallpaper steamer you speak of, can it be used to remove wallpaper?
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    AH he not going to mow de lawn in the Big City. Good luck down there.
  7. Cliff731

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    Evil Zim... I'm looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow at the "appointed time"... :)

    Now I understand why you're selling your "good stuff"... and yes, good luck with your move and relocation!!!

  8. Number22

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    Tell me more about your Hausquvarna law mower. And looking for a tiller. And what other tools. I have a grandson in need of tools.
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    Petal, MS
    Wood working tools?
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    16442834-CF39-4EB5-9E3D-F2E38A91FBDD.jpeg 8CE81366-B090-4CFC-AA51-206E69BC409F.jpeg In addition, the new buyer is requiring us to remove my built in Natural gas Broil King Grill... I’m going to start digging up today (gas line has been disconnected). It’s been used a while but works fine although grates are showing age. Assuming I can get it out without damage, I have a brand new mounting post that could be used to reinstall in ground with concrete.... if anyone wants this, it will be free for the taking, but otherwise will go on the street.
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  11. J Bob

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    Got a chainsaw you want to get rid of?

    Do they enjoy having to refill propane tanks or something...... who would want that removed?! Updated maybe but don’t take it out!

    And good luck with the move.
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  12. Evil Zim

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    213E1175-F9DD-4694-BA06-1EA52DC5C432.jpeg D7431391-9E2F-46CE-945A-1708F7BB2BB2.jpeg 09DEE2BF-2A4F-46D8-9B99-805B9D81AABC.jpeg CBE0B31B-3C7F-4A11-9C3F-D65DA0C46908.jpeg No rid of earlier.... but have Wagner power paint sprayer set, $10, set of various wrenches, $20, the Edger and Rototiller attachment for Troybilt trimmer (and most brands), $50, bush trimmer attachment for trimmer, $40, various saws $10, electric B&D Edger, $10, paint mixer attachment for electric driller, $5, youth bow, $25, various C clamps, $10.... also grill successfully removed and available free with new mounting post, and mounting bolts
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