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Met a new friend at the grocery store!!!

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I'm placing this here cause I figured it fits. I went to the grocery store after leaving the meet and greet the other day and met a new friend. I was strolling along with the kids looking for something to fix for supper when a man comes up and says "excuse me I just noticed your shirt. Are you a member?" I respond with "Yes, My husband is the owner/admin of the site." He then asks"Is that your DO NOT break into my house outfit?" Well the question sorta threw me off and I ask him what he had just said so I could be sure I heard him right. He says "Well, I noticed your shirt and then I read your cap(which says Don't you wish your girlfriend shot like me?) and I noticed they are both pink so I knew that wasn't your husbands shirt that you are just wearing, but that you seem to be pationate about guns and look like you probably know how to effectively use one. So I was wondering if that is your DO NOT break into my house outfit that you wear to give everyone that sees it fair warning that you aren't afraid to put a gun to use." I said "Yea, guess you could call it that." he responded with "Castle Doctrine ya gotta love it. It's the best thing the government could have done. Think I'll check out that website and see what it's all about."
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Yea silenthitz I could see that and believe me this momma bear is not a momma bear you wanna mess with when it comes to her cubs.Rem girl I don't know where it started but wherever it was I'm glad it did!
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