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Metro Arms 1911

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My local gun store got in a Metro arms american classic 1911 the other day. I must say from first inspection I am impressed. The trigger is amazing, and it locks up ultra tight. It has a nice thumb safety and extended slide release. I am a lefty so the only thing it needs is a ambi safety. It is series 70 w/o the guide rod. For $499 I think this would be a steal.
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I got one last year at Gary's in Columbus. I was looking through the cases, saw it and the price of $450 and thought it must have been a beat-to-crap 1911 even though I couldn't see any wear on it. Called the owner over and asked about it and he was honest said he had no idea about but saw them at a trade show and bought a couple. I talked him down on some ammo for it for a review that same afternoon, bought it & found a friend's place to go test it.

It was very accurate straight out of the box, smooth shooting and less felt recoil than the .40 cal Glock I was wearing! Loved it right away and I wouldn't take $500 for it now! I shot from approx. 10 & 20 yards and was able to get good grouping right away.

Go grab it, you won't regret it! But at least try to get them down some on the price. I know after I bought it, I found a couple of people that got it for $425
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