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Military discount at gander mt

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I was in there today grabbing a few boxes of 22s to replace those I bummed off of my brother and saw a sign on the door that it's 10% off today(the 13th), the 14th, and on the 20th and 21st(although it may have been the 21st and 22nd, I would just call before going to confirm that if this interests you). It's also 5% off of firearms. I know these aren't huge discounts, but coming from a military family, I know even something that small means a lot. It also applied to first responders and maybe LE....but don't quote me on that.

Anyway, maybe this might help someone on here find a good deal. And thank you for your service to our country!

Ps. I saw on their add that they have walther p22s on sale right now for $279, with a $70 factory mail in rebate. Not a bad price at all! Just wish I had the spare cash cuz a p22 is on my short list...but of course that means I'd also have to get the fiancé the one with the pink frame as well
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Slngblde said:
I highly recomend you not buy a p22, mine was a complete piece of garbage out of the box. It had to be sent back immediately. There are much much better pistols out there for the same or less money.
My experience with them has been great so far, but i appreciate the advice. I'm still not 100% positive thats what i'm going to get, but its pretty likely, or a 1911 conversion would be nice too

And appreciate the correctoon
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