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Military discount at gander mt

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I was in there today grabbing a few boxes of 22s to replace those I bummed off of my brother and saw a sign on the door that it's 10% off today(the 13th), the 14th, and on the 20th and 21st(although it may have been the 21st and 22nd, I would just call before going to confirm that if this interests you). It's also 5% off of firearms. I know these aren't huge discounts, but coming from a military family, I know even something that small means a lot. It also applied to first responders and maybe LE....but don't quote me on that.

Anyway, maybe this might help someone on here find a good deal. And thank you for your service to our country!

Ps. I saw on their add that they have walther p22s on sale right now for $279, with a $70 factory mail in rebate. Not a bad price at all! Just wish I had the spare cash cuz a p22 is on my short list...but of course that means I'd also have to get the fiancé the one with the pink frame as well
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Are you talking about the credit card sized $10 coupons? If so, I used a couple about a month ago and they were accepted. They were about a year and a half old, but they didn't have expiration dates on them. They just scan them in during checkout and the $10 comes off the purchase.

If you're giving them away, I'd be happy to take them off your hands. Will even send you a self-addressed stamped envelope!
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