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millenium tree stands

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Yall ever use these stands? I've been looking at the lock-on's. I really like the idea of buying extra blocks and ladders. Than using the same stand for multiple places. Just place your blocks/ladders in different places and take your stand with you. Climb up and slide the stand in the block tighten it down with a strap and your ready to hunt. I'd bet it wouldn't add 5min to the time it takes to climb up any other lock-ons. This is the most comfortable lock-on I've ever sat in. That and their made right in Pearl MS with a lifetime warranty. I like to buy MS made stuff. Anyway I'm going to be buying one soon.
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I have 3 loc ons and the climber made by millenium and will never buy another brand ever again. worth the money and the movability is the second best thing about them the first is it is the most comfortable stand to sit in ever.

call Todd Macko((601) 668-1609)
he is the one I have bought all mine from and has better prices than the stores. he is there Ebay seller and great guy to deal with and will meet you when he is not hunting
Xd357 said:
Dhollis what did you pay for yours if you don't mind me asking? Vans has em for $199.
I paid $165 for them but have had them for 3 years and traded a 12 ga encore barrel for the climber.

looks like he has them for the same price but I would rather deal with him than Vans any day.

sat in mine all weekend even took the climber up and it was the 1st time I have used it and it is more comfortable than the loc on.

glad you bought it you will be pleased with it.

Xd357 said:
Just bought two more blocks and ladders. Now I'll have three places to hunt with my new stand.
i have 9 blocks, two stands, and 11 ladders with two other loc ons that I don't use that much.
probably could but I do use them everyonce and a while
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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