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Ministry of the Crapper

Discussion in 'Round Table' started by GunnyGene, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. GunnyGene

    GunnyGene Distinguished Poster

    Totalitarianism. Even in the john - or the jane - or the whatever. :mad:o_O

  2. Swoops1

    Swoops1 Distinguished Poster

    I see this as similar to the Americans with Disabilities Act making sure people with disabilities have access to public facilities. I know all of has seen a person park in the handicapped spot and see what appears to be a otherwise healthy person get out and enter a business. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if that person actually has a disability. Same thing with this transgender stuff. How do you tell the difference between lets say an actual one and a perv?

    I helped a friend move from his business in Florida last year and commented on how nice it was to have a wheelchair ramp so we didn't have to carry stuff down the steps (all 3 of them) lord have mercy let the rant begin, he let me know in the 20 years he had been there not one person in a wheelchair had used it and proceeded to tell me the hassle he had to go through with the city. Threat of fines, permits, design approvals etc. ........

    Anyway the article is a good one, I could go on and on but I know I'm preaching to the choir. Now everybody be careful and buckle up when you drive, if not I'm sure there is some LEO that would love to give you a ticket for your own good.
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