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I'll start by saying I'm not much of a deer hunter. I like shooting my guns but don't hunt much. For the past few years I've gone out and shot one to eat but usually my dad kills the deer we eat. Dad has been having some health problems so I've been manning the shoothouse. I've let a couple of small bucks walk and for the life of me can't figure out where all the does are. Well, today I look up and see five deer walking up a old logging road about thirty yards away. Almosts sounds too easy doesn't it. Well I watch them for awhile through the scope and finally pick one out. The deer is facing me grazing with it's head down. I put the crosshairs on the joint between the head and neck and squeeze the trigger. Thirty yards sitting down in a shoothouse with the rifle propped on the shoothouse window. The deer just folds up and all four legs are in the air. I'm just sitting there watching and notice a little movement. I chamber another round and look back at the deer just in time to see it flip around, jump up and haul tail. I couldn't believe it. I think I just knocked it out and when it came to it was gone. I found one little drop of blood and a few hairs. It is the first deer I've ever shot at that I didn't get and I certainly hope it is still alive and kicking. It's also the first deer I've ever shot at with my new Rem 700 308 SPS tactical. It is the most accurate gun I've ever had but we're not off to a blazing start.
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